Individualizing cancer pain therapy

With Professor Sam Ahmedzai
8 Dec 2015

Cancer pain is the most feared symptom, often undertreated, and yet is one of the most treatable of cancer complaints


Cancer pain: Are we making progress?

With Dr Judith Paice
3 Dec 2015

Dr Judith Paice discusses the ongoing objective of being able to provide all patients with appropriate attention for their cancer pain


Acupuncture for chronic pain and pain vulnerability

With Dr Karen H Simpson
28 May 2015

Pain specialist and joint editor Dr Karen H Simpson reviews the journals, including studies on the impact of acupuncture on chronic pain and the neurobiological basis of pain vulnerability


Pain in Parkinson’s disease: classification and management

With Dr Panagiotis Zis and Professor Kallol Ray Chaudhuri
27 Apr 2015

Pain is an important symptom of Parkinson’s disease; Dr Panagiotis Zis and Professor Kallol Ray Chaudhuri discuss the different types of pain that patients experience and options for management

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  • Glossary

    An A-Z glossary of key terms in pain management
  • Pain scales

    Pain scales are used to measure and track a patient's pain.
  • Analgesic Ladder

    The WHO analgesic ladder for cancer pain
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