Interactive data map: Global availability and utilization of opioids for pain management

1 Dec 2015

Although opioid analgesics have been recognized for more than 40 years as essential in pain management, opioid access and use remains inadequate in most of the world. This article outlines why pain management represents a global health priority, the current state of opioid utilization worldwide, and the main barriers to equitable opioid access.


An APPEAL for better pain education: results from a recent study

14 Aug 2015

There is a substantial body of evidence to suggest that the pain education provided by many undergraduate courses is inadequate preparation for clinical practice. This represents a major concern, given that chronic pain is both common and often poorly managed.


Traditional methods in chronic pain treatment: evidence-based medicine?

4 Aug 2015

Traditional and complementary medicine is an important and often underestimated part of healthcare.


Improving access to opioids in Asia: a call to action

30 Jul 2015

A recent study by the Global Opioid Policy Initiative (GOPI) assessed opioid availability and accessibility for cancer patients in Asia. Their findings may help to explain why opioid use remains stubbornly low.

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    An A-Z glossary of key terms in pain management
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    Pain scales are used to measure and track a patient's pain.
  • Analgesic Ladder

    The WHO analgesic ladder for cancer pain
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