Individualizing cancer pain therapy

With Professor Sam Ahmedzai
8 Dec 2015

Cancer pain is the most feared symptom, often undertreated, and yet is one of the most treatable of cancer complaints


An APPEAL for better pain education: results from a recent study

14 Aug 2015

There is a substantial body of evidence to suggest that the pain education provided by many undergraduate courses is inadequate preparation for clinical practice. This represents a major concern, given that chronic pain is both common and often poorly managed.


Increasing the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy with hypnosis

7 Jul 2015

Pain often requires multimodal treatment, with pharmacotherapies frequently supplemented by non-pharmacological approaches. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a good example; hypnosis is another, albeit less commonly used.

Case Study

Case: Managing musculoskeletal pain in an elderly woman

26 May 2015

Chronic pain can occur due to a number of musculoskeletal conditions. These conditions are common, with over nine million people in the UK affected by arthritis alone. An estimated 40% of adults experience an episode of spinal pain arising from the back or neck in any one year.

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    An A-Z glossary of key terms in pain management
  • Pain scales

    Pain scales are used to measure and track a patient's pain.
  • Analgesic Ladder

    The WHO analgesic ladder for cancer pain
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