Chronic post-treatment pain in breast cancer – where do we stand?

14 Jul 2015

Breast cancer treatment has come a long way. However, for those that do survive, the treatment of breast cancer can have damaging physical and psychological consequences.


Post-operative pain: how to do better

With Dr Kristiina Kuusniemi
9 Apr 2015

Dr Kristiina Kuusniemi shared some of her views on how to better manage patients’ post-operative pain.


Preventing chronic post-surgical pain: therapeutic strategies

31 Mar 2015

“Prevention is better than cure”

This familiar proverb can be traced all the way back to the English legal expert, Henry De Bracton, writing in the year 1240. He wasn’t thinking about post-surgical pain at the time – the concepts of surgery and pain control as we know them today were not conceived until hundreds of years later – but De Bracton’s words certainly ring true when it comes to chronic post-surgical pain (CPSP).


Assessing and treating pain in older adults: part 2

With Dr Christopher Gharibo
25 Mar 2015

Dr Gharibo discusses the benefits of good pain control and highlights the strategies for assessing and treating pain in older adults.

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