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The health benefits of chia seeds

Should arthritis sufferers or people with digestive problems get on the chia seed bandwagon?

New Year’s resolutions for better sleep

Make sleep a priority in the New Year

The cancer bloggers to follow

From a diary of a cancer patient’s wife to a man who’s empowering breast cancer survivors with his stunning photos, you’ll take something from each of these inspiring bloggers.

Living mindfully: how to find calm anywhere

How mindfulness could be the secret to a happier, healthier and more chilled out you

5 inspiring TED Talks by people with cancer

These videos will teach, inspire and make you think differently about cancer

Are your shoes giving you back pain?

How to stay stylish on your feet – without being in pain

Are you feeling low – or are you depressed?

Signs that you or someone you love is depressed

8 ways to sneak fruit and veggies into your life

These clever tricks are guaranteed to get you eating more healthily this month

Things that might happen when you start to practice yoga

How yoga can provide relief for your pain and make you healthier

5 ways to embrace hair loss

How to take control and stay positive when you lose your hair

6. Has your pain negatively affected your relationships with your partner, family or friends?

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