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We created PainFocus to help support all those in the community who are managing or living with pain. We support best-practice care and experience-sharing within the diverse multidisciplinary teams and communities who are dedicated to helping relieve some of the burden that pain can cause.

PainFocus™ is made available through an educational grant from Mundipharma Pte Ltd.

Where appropriate, expert collaborators who make contributions of time and content to PainFocus™ may receive remuneration in strict compliance with global, regional and local pharmaceutical industry practices and regulations.

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How often do you prescribe opioid patches to patients with moderate-to-severe pain?

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  • Glossary

    An A-Z glossary of key terms in pain management
  • Pain scales

    Pain scales are used to measure and track a patient's pain.
  • Analgesic Ladder

    The WHO analgesic ladder for cancer pain
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